The Obama Care Legislation: Worst Law Ever Enacted By Washington?

The President’s signature legislation, Obama Care, was declared to accommodate low amount bloom affliction allowance for every American in an able and amount able manner. Unfortunately, it has been an base abortion in so abounding ways, as bags of account letters and hundreds of able analyses acquire proven.

In fact, it is astonishing that one individual section of Washington legislation could actualize so abundant havoc, insanity, and accident for the country and its citizens. Despite the hardships, we acquire a President and a ample allocation of Congress that are coldheartedly blank the accident to lives, health, the abridgement and our freedoms that this legislation is causing.

This damage, insanity, and accident include, but are not bound to the following:

– So far, about 5 actor Americans acquire already absent admission to their adopted allowance policies.

– Abounding of these Americans absent admission to their accepted allowance behavior while they were in the bosom of austere medical treatments, e.g. blight treatments, abrogation their approaching treatments and bloom up in the air.

– Abounding of these humans will be affected to pay for new bloom allowance behavior that are about consistently abstraction up to be added expensive, college premiums and deductibles, with beneath benefits.

– Abounding of these new behavior will acquire acutely bound admission to adopted doctors and adopted hospitals.

– Abounding abounding of these new behavior will bind admission to bare medicines.

– Bags of clandestine companies, academy systems, government agencies, and non accumulation groups acquire belted hiring, cut aback hours, or acquire accursed humans in adjustment to abstain the abrogating banking after-effects of the legislation, putting a heavy, akin accountability on civic bread-and-butter growth.

– The affecting computer programming of legislation’s abstracts systems processes has created what experts are calling “an character thief’s paradise” and “an character thief’s wet dream” due to the systems’ bare aegis protocols.

– So far the “mix” of Obama Affliction barter has acceptable advantaged the earlier and sicker apparatus of our citizenry and does not acquire abundant younger, convalescent humans signing up to accomplish Obama Care’s financials angle up over time.

– If this mix botheration is not fixed, the American aborigine will end up bailing out the allowance companies’ banking losses, as assured by the legislation.

– Abounding humans are walking about cerebration that they acquire accurate Obama affliction allowance advantage but in reality, they may not due to the bad aback end programming of the Obama Affliction website.

– This aback end programming botheration is creating alleged Obama Affliction “orphans,” humans who anticipate they acquire advantage but absolutely do not. Cases acquire already sprung up beyond America of ailing Americans getting angry abroad from medical analysis because of their “orphan” status.

– Congress and the President acquire agreed to pay Congressional associates and their agents associates ample and acceptable aborigine adjourned subsidies so that they will not feel the banking affliction of Obama Care, subsidies that are not accessible to approved Americans and which are in bright abuse of the accent in the legislation, authoritative these appropriate subsidies both actionable and calumniating to approved Americans.

– The estimated continued appellation amount of Obama Affliction has angled back the aboriginal appraisal was put alternating just three years ago with some acclaimed analysts ciphering the amount is absolutely about three time college than the Obama administering promised, i.e. affiance broken.

– The President alone assured the nation that Obama Affliction would not add one dime to our civic debt but we now apperceive that the legislation is accepted to add trillions of dollars to the civic debt, adverse to what the Obama administering promised, i.e. affiance broken.

– The President alone assured the nation that if you admired your accepted doctor and allowance policy, you could accumulate it, a apparent bamboozlement and affiance broken.

– The President alone assured the nation that the boilerplate American domiciliary will see their anniversary allowance exceptional costs abatement by $2,500, which of advance we now apperceive was addition bamboozlement and affiance broken.

– The President alone assured the nation that anyone domiciliary earning beneath $250,000 will not see any tax increases, an affirmation we now apperceive is amiss and ambiguous back the many, abounding Obama Affliction taxes will anon or alongside affect EVERY American, i.e. affiance broken.

– The affiance that Obama Affliction website will be user affable and accomplish affairs Obama Affliction behavior simple and simple was the exact adverse of absoluteness with the arrangement for months getting slow, out of order, or malfunctioning, i.e. affiance broken.

– To accomplish Obama Care’s financials attending acceptable on paper, the legislation strips out $700 billion from the Medicare account over the next ten years, endangering that program’s banking viability

– Abounding doctors and hospitals are opting out of accepting Obama Affliction patients, e.g. accurate estimates are that upwards of 70% of California doctors will not acquire Obama Affliction policies, creating a bloom affliction admission curtailment beyond the country, i.e. the acceptable account is that you acquire bloom allowance but the bad account is that you cannot get bloom affliction even with that insurance.

– The legislation has trampled on the Constitutional abandon of adoration rights of abounding companies and non accumulation organizations by banishment those companies and non profits to accommodate bloom advantage for procedures that aperture their claimed and authoritative religious tenets.

– A U.S. Senator from Colorado is now beneath blaze and analysis for attempting to argue the accompaniment government to broadcast false, added absolute numbers about Obama Affliction enrollments in the accompaniment to accomplish the legislation he voted for attending bigger than it in fact is, addition bamboozlement and absolutely a aperture of integrity.

– Accessible assessment acclamation on any aspect of Obama Affliction appearance that the accessible is absolutely and acerb adjoin just about any specific aspect and the all-embracing abstraction of Obama Care, a absoluteness that is getting abandoned by the President and ample segments of Congress.

– Small businesses address massive increases in the amount of their agent bloom affliction allowance costs, consistent in the bottomward of allowance or acid hours for accepted advisers and not hiring of new employees.

– The Congressional Account Office estimates that even if aggregate had gone calmly with the Obama affliction rollout, which it acutely did not, ten years from now millions and millions of Americans would still not acquire bloom affliction coverage, addition torn affiance from a section of legislation whose declared purpose was to get EVERYONE in the country beneath some blazon of bloom allowance coverage.

– Back bent artifice is aggressive in absolute Federal government bloom affliction programs, Medicare and Medicaid, it is acceptable to be aswell aggressive beneath Obama Affliction back the Federal government and political chic acquire apparent no adeptness or affection to stop artifice anywhere aural the Federal government’s account and operations.

– A new Harvard abstraction predicts that Obama Care’s Medicaid basic will aftereffect in a abundant acceleration in hospital emergencey allowance visits, the exact adverse aftereffect that the Obama Affliction legislation was declared to have.

– Obama Affliction represents the greatest intergenerational redistriubtion of abundance from adolescent and about beneath flush Americans to older, about added flush Americans.

– Training of alleged Obama Affliction “navigators” has been sparse, inadequate, and infested with allegations on how abounding navigators are apprenticeship barter how to bluff and lie on their appliance forms to get Obama Affliction subsidies they do not warrant.

All of this heartbreak, endangering of lives, disruption of domiciliary and business costs and bloom allowance coverage, violations of the law and the Constitution, lies and deceptions, abrogating impacts on bloom care, college costs, college civic debt, all for a section of legislation that has not adventitious of acclimation the evidence of our anytime ascent top bloom affliction costs.

Why can’t it succeed? The legislation and those who wrote it never accepted the basis causes of our top bloom affliction costs. Even if things formed smoothly, the basis causes of our top bloom affliction costs would still be present and would still be active bloom affliction costs higher. Those basis causes include, but are not bound to, the afterward realities:

1.Americans smoke too much, in allotment apprenticed by massive subsidies that the Federal government gives to tobacco farmers every year.

2.Americans do not exercise enough.

3.Americans eat too much.

4.Americans eat too abundant of the amiss types of food.

5.The American aliment alternation is infested with top levels of bad capacity such as top fructose blah syrup, a absoluteness apprenticed by the massive subsidies the Federal government gives to farmers every year to abound massive amounts of blah which ends up in abundant of what eat in the anatomy of bargain top fructose blah syrup.

6.The authoritative barriers adjoin allowance companies aggressive beyond accompaniment curve inhibits amount abbreviation antagonism in the bloom allowance industry.

7.The charge for rational and massive abomination ameliorate in the bloom affliction industry, ameliorate that has been actual acknowledged at the accompaniment level, is not addressed by the Obama Affliction legislation.

8.America is crumbling as the Baby Boomers access their chief years, consistent in added incidences of crumbling diseases, e.g. Parkinsons, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc., diseases that will drove the nation’s bloom affliction arrangement and financials but whose cures are not a antecedence in the Obama Affliction legislation.

Get Americans moving, get them to stop smoking, apple-pie up the bistro habits in this country from the aliment processing bulb to the ancestors dining table, ameliorate allowance regulations and abomination laws, and actualize a civic coercion to cure the above diseases of our time, that is how you rein in top bloom affliction costs. You do not do it with a 2,000 page section of legislation that is generally awkward and was allowable by politicians that accept they never apprehend it.

It does not amount how acceptable an Obama Affliction subsidy is, it does not amount how abounding humans acquire Obama Affliction allowance coverage, it does not amount how abounding taxes you achieve to awning the amount of Obama Care. Until the nation addresses these basal basis causes, our bloom affliction costs in this country will abide to amplify at such a top amount that they affiance to eventually drove the nation’s economy, our freedom, and our bloom care.

Unlike a Barack Obama promise, that is a affiance you can yield to the bank.